Lesson Programs

college prep (ages 14+)

Our college prep program is a plan catered towards the athlete whose goal is to play college baseball or softball. Not only will you develop the offensive and/or defensive skills required to play at the next level, but you will receive guidance in the recruiting process.


Our College Prep lessons are on a monthly member basis. This is for the focused athlete intent on continuing their career at the college level. We offer 2 lesson/month and 4 lesson/month memberships. This lesson plan starts with a parent consultation, athlete assessment, then program creation to begin lessons.


This membership also includes recruiting guidance from our experts.

fundamentals (ages 7-13)

The best way to reach your maximum potential when you’re older is to learn the fundamentals when you’re young. The fundamentals are like the foundation of a house, everything is built on them. Correct fundamentals help prevent injury, aid in better performance, and set an athlete on the path to success.


The fundamentals lesson plan is catered towards teaching young athletes the fundamentals of the game while making it fun for them. We know the age range of 7-13 is critical for learning skills as well as fostering enjoyment for that particular skill. That what we set out to do at The Open Cage.


Our lesson packages for “fundamentals” are bulk lessons of 5 or 10 lessons. We do this to encourage consistency among our athletes. Consistent training is the key to progress. With our high intensity and knowledgeable coaches, athletes will enjoy learning and be challenged to grow each week.


Catchers are not only the toughest players on the field, but the leaders on the field as well. Our catchers learn to be the hardest workers and lead their team.

Catching lessons are in a group setting because this encourages competition and and allows the girls to learn from each other. In college the main form of coaching and instruction is done in small groups.


Our philosophy in hitting goes beyond just the mechanics of the swing but into the timing, approach and pitch selection as well. This is the smarter approach.

Hitting lessons are in a group setting because it encourages competition, allows the girls to learn from one another, and gives them proper rest time to swing full speed each rep.


All lessons are in a group setting of 2-4 athletes. There is more of a learning atmosphere in groups, girls can compete, and hold each other accountable. The groups will be set up so girls are in compatible groups skill wise and age wise. To get started, give us a call at 678-294-9804 or send an email to alyshastanton@theopencage.com!

Single Lesson
Single 1-hour group lesson.
Package 5
Package of five (5) 1-hour lessons.
Save 10%!
Full-Time Monthly Membership
4 Lessons per month!
Save 10%!
Get discounted pricing on all clinics!
Part-Time Monthly Membership
2 Lessons per month!
Get discounted pricing on all clinics!

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